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Garmin Nuvi 50

In the year 2012, Garmin which is the market leader in GPS device issued a series of series of entry-level navigation devices Garmin Nuvi 50. Garmin makes the device to meet all needs to get from point to Alpha Bravo. The things you need to include a live GPS position, sensor turn-by-turn spoken directions are very accurate and text-to-speech for street names. Nuvi 50 is designed with WQVGA screen (480x272 pixels) with a 5-inch color resistive touch sensitivity.

There is only one physical control and the chassis Garmin nuvi 50s, namely the power button located on the top edge of the unit. Briefly holding this button will turn off the power unit on and off the total of the unit. Tapping this button when the unit is being used refer to a menu on the screen with brightness control and display virtual keys are also depowers unit.

Flipping the unit over the speakers revealed a small 1-inch on the back side. The back panel is also where you'll find a microSD card slot for quickly adding additional map data and mini-USB port for charging and synchronization with desktop software download, which we will return soon.
In the box, you'll find a 12-volt wire-to-USB charging would you use to keep your nuvi juiced while driving. You will also find the suction cup mount in the box with the Garmin Nuvi cradle 50, a design that has not changed much over the years, either. It is easy to place and remove the nüvi from the cradle with one hand and a lever actuated suction cup holds the clean glass surface is safe and easy to remove when necessary.

Interestingly, Garmin no longer including adhesive dashboard disk or USB sync cable in the box with the new Nuvis. However, if local laws prohibit the installation of the windshield, Garmin will send you a piece of plastic at no charge if requested on the manufacturer's Web site.

Garmin menu structure has not changed much in the last decade. Put next to the nuvi 200 nuvi 50 I took back in 2007 and you will see that most of the buttons and icons exactly where you expect them to be, for better or worse. As the saying goes, "If it is not broke, do not fix it." Simple interface Garmin has long been one of the strongest assets, and it definitely worked for 50.

Small upgrades can be found if you pay attention close enough. For example, the menu screen can now swipe to scroll and display the icon again. QWERTY keyboard on the screen easier to type with, even though its a bit small virtual keys, thanks to a resistive touch screen is more sensitive.

There are also some odd design decisions. For example, as I mentioned earlier, display brightness control can be quickly accessed with a single quick press power button. However, adjusting the volume (something I feel more and more users would do more often) is located at the bottom of the bar's main menu screen. So, for example, turn off the volume and return to the map screen when navigating requires a total of five push buttons. Do the same on comparable TomTom requires but two.

Quirks aside, the Garmin Nuvi interface is as easy to use like that always. I still like the icon-based menu system that is designed for use of the long arm. Not very many menu options or customization available, but the important thing is there and shallow menu tree (only two levels) means that you will not spend too much time hunting around for it. And if it's not easy enough for you, almost every menu screen help button located at the top right corner to get you back on track.
However, the Nuvi interface begins to show its age. Upon closer examination, a large cartoon icons showing pixelation visible around the edges and the text looks a little blurry - especially when compared to a glossy, high-resolution displays on the latest generation of TomTom device. Chances are that you will not see any of the problems when viewing the Nuvi on its own at highway speeds, but they bear mentioning. In defense of Garmin, matte-finish screen glare and are more resistant to gray goldenrod and full-color overlay maps with purple lines are very easy to see.


Without the help of the cell tower or Wi-Fi access point, and nuvi takes a little longer to find himself in the world than the phone is not on the first boot. However, after having been locked into position, then lock the GPS time is almost instantaneous and always spot-on. Although the initial key again, PND continued to excel over the entire smartphone where precision GPS accuracy is concerned. I was surprised to see that the Nuvi 50 is able to lock into position half a city block from the start when cold in the room. We are equipped with A-GPS and cell tower-assisted smartphone can only get in two or three blocks without the help of Wi-Fi. When used outdoors as they are designed to be, nuvi 50 is pinpoint-accurate even within the confines of the canyon town of San Francisco's Financial District. Even through the tunnel and the entire 4.5 miles is covered by San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, the
Nuvi pretty much unflappable where the position concerned.
50 nüvi comes preloaded with maps and Points of Interest (POI) for the lower 49 United States. It also has a database of safety camera point of closeness and the chime can be heard approaching one red light cameras or speed. If the chime is annoying to you, always be disabled in the menu.
Thankfully, the nuvi which has said it will make us all the time. However, like most I've tested PND, the nuvi database of local businesses that lost a lot of small restaurants and private companies (including companies some of which I had often visited for at least three years). Connect the navigation device through an internal database limitations by adding them to Google or search Yelp, but at this price function was not available. That said, the Nuvi's database loaded with millions of destination, and users can add up to 1,000 favorite and custom POI if necessary.

At an MSRP of $ 139.99, the Nuvi 50 is an example of the way down from the price of PND. Five years ago, 3.5-inch GPS device costs more than double the 5-inch navigator, also feature. Each line Garmin navigator includes a free map update out of the box, so you will have a new nuvi maps newest first trip to you. However, those who want to make sure that they always have the latest map data is available during the lifetime of the device can step up to 50LM Nuvi for $ 179.99, which adds a Lifetime map updates.